Tuesday, September 16

You Never Know

There are things in life I have said I would never do. I'm not talking about "I will never yell at my children" or "I will never give my kids sugar". I am talking about things like "I will never sky dive (although I used to want to before I was married with children that I could orphan), or "I will never run a marthon". These are all things where I greatly admire the peoples courage or stamina that do it. I just don't think I have it in me to accomplish those things. Well, you never know what you will do so I am learning to never say never.
I always said I would never ever ever SCUBA dive. I used to want to be a marine biologist except I have this feddish where I hate touching or being close to fish and I am claustrophobic. Not extreme, but extreme enough that I couldn't imagine being under 60-100 feet of water with only a little mask and tank to keep me from drowning. Well, I am here to say I have taken a great step in overcoming this fear and on September 2nd I became officially SCUBA certified. And, the great thing about it is that I loved it. Yes, on my first dive in the very dark and murky crater at the Homestead up in Midway I had a major claustrophobic moment.....but I talked my way through it and it ended up being okay. The trick now is will I freak out when I am in the ocean swimming with all the fish and wondering if a shark is coming at me around the corner. Funny story, on my first dive in the swimming pool I had a moment of panic worrying about a shark. I quickly berated myself as I realized "DUH, you are in a SWIMMING POOL!!!" Anyway, the ocean will be a true test for me to see if I really love it. I have high hopes.
So, once I accomplished that I asked myself "what will be the next thing I do that I said I never would do?" Only time will tell.
We really are at the crater....it is just so blasted dark in there that with the flash we have a nice black background!!!!


Sara Ann said...

Wow! Where are you guys going to go on your first scuba diving expedition? My dad and Ben scuba dived/dove in Hawaii and a little shrimp cleaned their teeth when they opened their mouths, but maybe you won't want to try that.

Emily said...

Congrats, I am so impressed! Scuba Diving is one of those things for me, that just terrifies me, I am so excited for you, and hope your trip to the ocean is awesome, and totally sharkless!