Friday, March 13

I love good customer service!!!

So, not much makes me happier than good customer service. When people really go out of their way to help you with a problem that is really not their problem, well, it just brightens my day. Two days ago I walked upstairs to find my brand new only been used once nice tripod in 4 different pieces on my closet floor. It isn't supposed to be 4 different pieces, only one. It had fallen a few feet onto the carpet and fell apart...literally. I was beyond furious and sick to my stomach. I had waited awhile to get a new tripod anyway, and now that the weather is getting better I am planning on taking more pictures and such. Well, on the tag, which was still on the tripod, it said it had a limited lifetime warranty. There was just NO information ANYWHERE on the tag and who to contact for that warranty. I searched, diligently I might add, online for the company. It was bought at a ritz camera and that is the only contact information I could find. So, I went online and contacted them. They then informed me Ritz online and Ritz stores have different policies. After much frustration, I finally called an Inkley's (linked with Ritz camera shops) in Orem and explained what happened. They told me to bring it in and they would see what they could do. I brought it in this morning and they replaced it for me. No questions asked!!!! I didn't even buy it from that exact store. So, they are now one of my favorite stores on this planet and if I need some camera equiptment I will definetely check with them first. So, lesson learned....good customer service provides customers for life!!!


Allison Owen said...

What the heck! I was with you when you bought that! Is it just a piece of junk, or just some weird situation? I am glad you got it replaced! I need some pictures taken!