Sunday, March 15

Sunday Fun

It was such a beautiful day today. The sun was shining, the wind was light, the air was slightly crisp. The kids were in heaven. I can't count how many times Makayla said "It's summer out there, mom." She was outside much of the afternoon. The kids had a ball playing in the sand box until I caught them with sand not just in the sandbox. That is a HUGE no no in our house. They then had fun cleaning the mess they made.
Becca found her way inside to my camera. She wanted to get her picture taken. This is what occurred next.

My baby is growing up. It is way too fun.


Emily said...

love your posts lately, and we too have the no sand in the house rule, it's a good one!
And your pillows, darling! What a great idea, and even better to do them all at once!

Allison Owen said...

Too cute that Becca is!