Friday, March 13

Toothfairy pillows coming out of my ears

Several years ago I stitched a darling pillow top for Ryan for a toothfairy pillow. I just never made it into a pillow. I am not much of a seamstress -(okay, funny side note. I went to put I am not much of a sewer-does anyone see anything wrong with that? I obviously am not much of a speller either). Anyway, that pillow top has sat for years in my drawer, not ready for use, while Ryan has lost 6 teeth. Makayla lost her tooth a few weeks ago and was ready to loose a second one. I finally decided I had better get my behind in gear and make hers. So, I got the stuff together and a brilliant thought came to mind. Why not make one for Ashlyn and Becca now so I don't have to worry about it later? So, I did. Brilliant, I know. I just know I have to knock out all sewing projects together or it will be another year or two or three before it gets done. Thanks to my mom who helped put on the little pockets and showed me how to do the pillows, I finished Tuesday evening. Just in time for Makayla to loose her second tooth. She was so excited to put her tooth in the pillow. She was even more excited when her money from the toothfairy replaced the tooth in the pocket!!! Ashlyn had to sleep with her pillow that night. She still would sleep with it if I didn't insist that I keep it safe until she looses a tooth. She is quite excited for this to happen. I had to keep stressing that she shouldn't try to loose a tooth by pulling one out, but that she should wait. So far so good. Ryan's response to his finally finished pillow was "I wish you had finished it sooner". Poor guy, at least for the rest of his teeth it is ready.


Lisa said...

those pillows look great! did you have some sort of cross stitch pattern to follow? if so, where did you get it?!