Saturday, June 13

Becca's idiosyncrisies

Becca is the funniest little girl. I am sad to say she is still hooked on her binky. It is really myself that is hooked, but that is another story. I love putting her down for naps and to bed. She is EXTREMELY easy to put down, IF she has her binky. You give it to her and instantly her head drops to your shoulder. Lately the funny thing she has been doing at bed time is REQUIRING me to take out her hair barrets and elastics when she gets in her crib. I wonder why I even do her hair before nap time at all. Becca has always loved to play with her hair when she gets tired. In fact, that is a huge sign that she is ready for bed. I love the routine she has set for herself!!!


Ann Mitchell said...

I can't believe Mickey wasn't on your poll!