Sunday, February 22

Rite of Passage

I love my children. They help me remember the simple things in life bring us the most pleasure. Yesterday was a great day for members of our family. Brad finally got his big screen tv (he's wanted this for I don't know how long). It became a necessity as our tv we had downstairs was from our wedding. It was a huge thing that fell on Ashlyn the other day. Although it didn't break, between that and Brad getting shocked by the tv one day there is now only 1/2 the picture displayed on the tv. The bigger factor for me was that in order for the kids to turn off the tv they had to stick their finger into the whole where the on/off button used to be. This is actually how Brad was shocked. So, I am guessing we all know why I wasn't too thrilled about my children turning off the tv in that manner.
Getting the tv was very exciting for everyone. However, the highlight of the day is when Ryan and Makayla and Ashlyn all came running upstairs to show us that Makayla had experienced her first right of passage....she lost her first tooth!!! Yes, this tooth was loose...but not THAT loose. Can you guess how it came out? Yes, you are right, Ryan somehow convinced his sister that the tooth was ready to come out and he pulled it out for her. How sweet. Makayla informed us that "she survived" the ordeal. Now we see her sticking her tongue through that cute little hole. I still remember that feeling. Congrats to you, Makayla. We are so excited to see you growing up!!!


Emily said...

So exciting, and I too remember that first tooth. A vivid memory!

Young Family said...

Isnt it funny how we can't wait for them to get their teeth and then we love it when they fall out! Whats that all about? ha ha she is so cute!!