Sunday, February 22

Exercise can be dangerous to your health!!

For those that don't believe that exercise can be dangerous to your health, just talk to Ryan. The other day Brad was doing the chest and back exercise from P90x. It requires a pull up bar which we put in the door between our kitchen and laundry room. It is an easily removable bar, but Brad had forgotten to remove it. I also forgot as we were hurrying to get in the car for school. In our hurry I swung open the door to the garage. That door in turn hit the pull up bar which proceeded to fall....on Ryan's head. We were lucky to avoid the emergency room. In fact, Ryan must be pretty hard headed as there wasn't even a bruise. He didn't even require a tylenol that day for a headache. Bless his heart, he is a brave kid!!!


Christy said...

I am sorry to hear about Ryan's noggin. I am glad that all worked out. Get better at your house!