Wednesday, December 16

Christmas Performances

At school the kids have music class. Their teacher has a talent show for a week where kids get to show off any talents they have. And I mean any. During Ryan's talent show two boys did a staged fight while they asked another boy from their class to play "anything" on the piano. It was pretty funny until they pretended to start shooting each other. Bless his teachers heart. She tried really hard to find something positive to say about the performance.
Ryan and Makayla both performed their Christmas songs. They did such a good job. It really is a miracle my kids know how to play the piano. I have been a horrible teacher to them this past year as I have been juggling teaching and pregnancy. The worked hard though and did a magnificent job.
On December 16th they had their piano recital. It was the first year I had it at the church. I got permission from my stake president through my bishop to do it. It was FANTASTIC!!! I could actually fit people, and we didn't have to fight parking or a snow storm in Alpine. The kids once again performed very well. Good job you two. I am so proud of you.

Makayla getting praise from her fellow students after she was done performing.