Friday, December 25

Christmas Morning

We had such a great time Christmas morning. In both of our families, growing up, Brad and I always had to wait at the top of the stairs. Well, our kids will remember waiting at the bottom of the stairs. The kids loved their Santa presents. We loved being able to open presents at our own speed. We really took our time. It was great. The thing I loved most was seeing my kids more excited for each other and the most excited to see their siblings reactions to what they bought them.

Ryan was the most surprised by his Santa gift. We told him that we had told Santa no way no the Nintendo DS. It was just to throw him off. He was thrilled!!!

Ashlyn loves Barbies of all sorts. She loved her new nurse barbie with twins.

This pile of goods is what the family and kids got as group gifts.

This is Brad and I's stash. We spent most of the money on Brad's new blu-ray player (okay, let's be honest, it is just as much for me as well)


Allison Owen said...

I love the picture of Ryan hugging his sister! How cute they are! Love them!

Gregg Sorensen Family said...

I am so glad Santa was able to get Ryan a DS! I love the pictures and I am glad you were able to stay home this Christmas!