Wednesday, November 25


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was the first year we have had to "split" our time between the two families. The Bells were in town for the BYU/Utah football game....oh yeah, and Thanksgiving. The most exciting part was Bre announced she was having TWINS!!!! A boy and a girl. We are so super excited. I am grateful that I have had two ultrasounds that have showed only one baby. If I had twins this time we would have to buy a new car....and a new house (okay, just kidding on the new house, but not really). Bre will do wonderfully well with twins. We are super excited for her and Mark.
On Thanksgiving we spent the morning doing a turkey trot with the Sweeneys. The later morning we went to Bre's house, the afternoon at the Sweeneys, and the evening at Bre's house with the Bells. During the afternoon we did the very fun Sweeney Family Scavenger Hunt. My dad always puts together a really fun scavenger hunt for us to do Thanksgiving afternoon. This year was the best by far. He had taken pictures of parts of buildings and other things in Alpine (in a 2-3 block radius). He then gave us a map of the area, the pictures, and we had to go find those images and take similar pictures of them. He was quite specific. I was separated from my husband and two oldest kids. Although my team got the hardest to find pictures, we did not win. I am happy to say Brad, Ryan, and Kayla's team won!!Turkey Trot. Next year I will be running the 5 K. I could barely walk 1 pathetic. My older kids almost ran the whole way. Maybe next year I can get Brad to run the 5 K with me!!!!
Here are a couple of the pictures we had to take. It wasn't a picture of just any handicapped sign, but this specific one because of the crease in the middle. Yes, we got that (the others didn't). The one above is looking down on a mailbox in a bucket. Those were our two pride and joy finds!!!

What is a family get together without a HUGE MESS!!! This is what happened in Bre and Marks living room while the adults were chatting in the other room. The games were all mine, fortunately!!!
The girls innocently playing while the adults picked up their mess!!!
Apples to apples, ticket to ride, and settlers of Catan. All the pieces were out. That was fun to clean up!!!