Monday, August 11

Summer update

So, I am even worse at blogging than I am at journal writing....well, not quite. This summer hasn't been a huge one for us. We have just been living life around here. There have been some fun things like Brad's 30th birthday and the Bell Family Reunion. My pictures are on Brad's computer so I will update those shortly. I am hoping once this summer ends, which is on Monday, things will settle down. Probably not. I will be teaching 26-27 students this year, teaching an intro to music choir class for 3-4 year olds with a friend, and I am doing a benefit concert in October for a little neighbor girl (more of this to come). Oh, did I mention I have four children, a home, and a husband to take care of? Hmmm....yeah, so I guess I probably won't be blogging for the next millenia...please forgive me. Anyway, keep up on all of your good blogs because I do like to see what you are up to.


Amy said...

I've been blog jumping and saw Koreena Tuaulii (sorry for the misspelling) on your list...just wondering how you know her? She was my little sister Lisa's roommate at BYU Idaho!

Koreena said...

It's good to hear from you just to know you're still alive! Hope things slow down a little once school starts. Good luck with all those students. I want to take lessons from you someday!

Amy, that's so funny you know Tamara too! She and I lived in the same apartment building for almost 3 years and were in the same ward. So funny!

Sara Ann said...

I have been looking through your old blog entries, it is really fun to see what you have been up to the past year, since I never see anyone it is a great way to keep in touch:)