Thursday, June 19

A Carson City Adventure

So, my little sister Tiffany was schedule to come out last Friday, June 13th to Utah. She was three weeks away from delivery her third child. Her doctors were out in Utah and she wanted to deliver with them. Well, her little baby would have nothing with that. He decided he wanted to come to Nevada. On Thursday Tiffany went into labor. She delivered a very healthy baby boy named Landen William Sorensen. He was 6 lbs 13 oz, 19 inches and has tons of light brown hair. He is such a beautiful boy.
I am now here in Carson City, Nevada where Tiffany and her family are currently living. I have had the wonderful opportunity of helping her get things in order after having a baby. Plus, she is flying on a private plane with here girls tomorrow up to Utah. Don't you worry, my sister Nicole and I and our two babies get the wonderful privilege of spending hundreds of dollars of Tiffany's money by driving out Tiff's tahoe so she has a car to drive while in Utah. I have had tons of fun here. The best time was yesterday when I did a photo shoot of my 4 day old nephew and his sisters. Here are some of the results of my labor.


Leslie said...

Beautiful Pictures

Sara Ann said...

How fun! I am way out of the loop, I didn't even know Tiff had her baby! I feel like I saw everyone a lot around the funeral and wedding and now it feels like it's been forever!