Sunday, August 26


Our Summer Adventures:

This summer has been full of adventures, both good and not so good. It started with Brad getting a new job, starting the house hunt, finding a house, Tamara getting very sick with a kidney infection and stone, having our little baby Becca, packing and almost moving, a flooded house, new house hunting, surgery to remove Tamara's 9mm kidney stone, more house hunting, finding a house, moving into the Owen's home until we could get into our own, having a family reunion at Jordanelle, Ryan and Makayla going to Seven Peaks with their aunts Mari and Bre, the stomach flu hitting 11 of the 13 people living in one house, going to Lagoon, Ryan starting school, closing on the home, and finally this week moving into our new home. Wow, what a ride it has been!!! Through it all we have had so much fun and have been grateful for our blessings.

Ashlyn enjoying a picnic in the rain. Even under the pavilion we got soaked.
The kids enjoying daddy's work party at Lagoon. Ryan and Makayla loved the Terror Ride. Ryan even went on the White Roller Coaster for his first time.....and didn't even scream even though mom was!!!

Makayla and Alyssa enjoying sharing a room.

Our three beautiful girls.