Tuesday, August 7

Rebecca's Baby Blessing

Rebecca Dianne Bell blessed by her daddy on July 15, 2007

Blessing Day:
We blessed Rebecca when she was only 2 1/2 weeks old on July 15th. Brad's family was in town and we didn't want to make them drive up to Utah from California twice in one month. It was a wonderful blessing. Rebecca is such a good baby that she didn't even need her binky up in the circle with her. Here are some pictures of that day.

Nana gave Rebecca a bath

All of our beautiful children....looking good at the same time. Miracles never cease.

Brad and Tamara with his parents

These are Tamara's six sisters!!! We haven't had a picture all together in years.

The Bell Family. Welcome new members of the family. Brooklyn, Brandon and Lindsey's little girl. Mari, Matt's wife. Rebecca....well we all now know her. We miss you Julie, who was in New York, and Doug, who is on his mission in Brazil.

The Sweeney Family