Sunday, July 1

She is finally here!

Rebecca Dianne Bell was born on Wednesday, June 27th at 9:16 pm. She weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. and was 19 inches. She was induced 2 weeks early from her due date (July 10th) due to the fact that her mother cannot have a normal pregnancy. Tamara was suffering from Kidney stones and infection since about Sunday and on Wednesday the specialist (for the kidney issues) asked her OB to induce her.

Tamara went into the hospital at 3:30pm. She was very slowly progressing. Averaging about one centimeter per hour. Until 8:15 where she measured at about 5 cm. At 8:55 she measured at 7 cm and was shaking. The nurse had left the room for no longer than 5 minutes when Tamara decided she wanted to push. Brad thought we would be bugging the nurse too much to have her come back so soon, but her sister Allison trumped the father and helped call the nurse. Sure enough, she was ready and the nurse rushed out and called the Dr. and finalize the preparations. Unfortunately most of the remainder of the time was waiting for the Dr. to return (as he had just left because Tamara was only at a 5.)

The rest is history and all went well. Both mom and baby are now recovering well at home. We will post updates of her early weeks of life.