Thursday, January 12

Two-faced Toddler

How can one baby make me on the verge of a breakdown one minute and the next do the absolute cutest things ever? That would be my two-faced toddler. My own little personal Jekel and Hyde. I will post pictures tomorrow. He is into throwing fits (terrible twos start early). He has an opionion on what he wants to do and eat, but he still can't talk so we both get quite frustrated. All day he wanted this and that, and then he didn't want it. He made messes up the wazoo (just wait for the peanut butter pictures!). But, tonight, as I was putting him to bed he waved bye bye to Makayla, gave me kisses (without me prompting), and hugs. Then as I sang him "I'm a Child of God" he sang with me in his own way. Thank goodness for small moments with these little ones.