Tuesday, August 24

Summertime and the living is easy!!

Well, the summer has come to a close. Tomorrow my home will be filled with new clothes, new hair cuts (pictures to be forthcoming), back packs, and EXTREMELY excited kids. Then, sooner than not, it will be quiet (well, okay not quiet as the three youngest will be around). The beginning of the school year also means the end of my blessed maternity leave. Wow!! How did that happen so quickly. Benjamin is now 15 weeks old and I must face the music and start working again. I sit hear and realize all the things I was hoping to get accomplished during this summer time before school started and I had NO time.
-I wanted to get all of my scrapbooks/photobooks updated (I am so severely behind it is ridiculous).
-I wanted to get all caught up on my blog for this year and last year so I can make a book out of them.
-I wanted to organize all of my pictures and clean up the computer with them.
-I wanted to play with some of my temple pictures and go take pictures of the Timp temple.
-I wanted to deep clean the entire house.
Well, none of that got done. Not even close. But, as I feel frustrated with that I reflect on what was accomplished in place of these things.
-I held Benjamin all the time and watched him grow in my arms.
-I read to my kids (still not near enough)
-I played hard with my kids. We bought a Trafalga season pass which after we bought it we found out it also included a season pass to Seven Peaks, the Owlz and now even the Utah Flash. We have been to Lehi Trafalga a few times, 2 Owlz games, and Seven Peaks around 4 times!! It has been so fun.
-I have read quite a few books (what else do you do when you are nursing your life away)
-I have been to California and Flaming Gorge (maybe one day I will blog about those trips)

So, it has been a good summer. I have few regrets. My pictures are still there to sort through and scrapbook. My house is still here to clean. The memories are still around to blog. However, my 15 week old will never be 6 weeks old again and learning to smile. So, it was a WONDERFUL summer. I am sad to see it go but excited to see what this school year hold.


Koreena said...

What a wonderful perspective on summer. Maybe I should try thinking this way instead of thinking about all the stuff I didn't get around to doing that I swore I would.