Wednesday, March 31

I really am not a drug user, I'm not!!!

So, yesterday at the hospital I was asked tons of questions, as usual. All about my health, safety in home, smoking, and substance abuse. As she was asking me about substance abuse I glanced down at my left arm. I had to suppress a laugh. I have track marks all in the crook of my arm. Not from drugs, but from my diabetes testing. Most of the time I prick my fingers. However, if I can't wash my hands my test will come back really high due to oils and residue on my fingers. Sometimes even if I wash my hands I may have not rinsed the soap off well enough or something so it will come back high. So, if a test comes back higher than I am allowed or if I am not able to wash my hands, I test in my arm. I have some really good veins in my left arm so I use it often. I now have about six marks and bruises on that arm. (It is harder for me to draw enough blood from my arm than my fingers....therefore, I only use it as a last resort). If anyone saw my arm they would really think I was a drug user. But really, I am NOT!!!