Thursday, January 22

Funny things from Bell kids in 2008

Here are just a few cute or funny things my kids did last year.

I think we all remember all the trouble Ashlyn was in this past year. She is my most curious child by far. However, despite the many tears and frustrations there have been many more moments of pure bliss with her. She is the most loving and affectionate child. She always wants to give hugs and kisses.
The kids all got a turn to ride a 4 wheeler this summer. Ryan loved it and wanted to share the fun with Becca, I just don't think she appreciated it!!!
Makayla loves to sing, play the piano, and play the flute....all at once. Actually, the funny thing about this picture is you will notice the headband and the pencil...this is her microphone like the pop singers. She would do this all of the time. Santa finally brought her a real headset microphone. She loves it.
Over Christmas we visited Papa's nursery (Brad's dad). All was well until the end when unstable Becca fell (again...she did it a lot in December) in a thing of mud. She wasn't too excited about it but eventually was just curious about what was all over her.\
One week Makayla was extremely sick. I was looking all around for my hand santizer but could not find it anywhere. I went outside to tell someone they didn't need to take Kayla to school when I found the missing hand sanitizer. Well, looky here...Ryan had put it outside our door with this wonderful note:
"Please have some hand sanitizer before entering....thank you!!" I am glad he was so thoughtful for these people. I personally would have had it inside the door for them to have as they were leaving....but I am not near as creative as my child.


Tamara said...

thanks mom but it was enberising.