Friday, May 16

Ever changing Kids

So, I have learned one thing being a mom. Things never stay the matter how much you are enjoying (or not enjoying) life. So, I am trying to learn to relish in the moments. This week has been a pretty big one for my family with changes. I have been trying to wake up by 6 am (this morning it was 5:45) and exercise before the kids are up and at them. That has added much energy and hours to my day. Second, I went into Becca's room after a nap the other day and saw this......
Yes, she has learned to pull herself up in her crib. She kind of started doing that last week so I moved the crib mattress lower. Good thing or she would topple out.
Another big change for little Becca is she has produced her first tooth!!! It is still popping through so today she isn't too happy. So far, though, she has been very good considering her "ailment".
Well, the biggest change is that Ashlyn is in the process of potty training. She wasn't showing any interest and really detested wearing underwear until Brad came up with a brilliant idea. Lipstick. Yes, lipstick. Actually, we have resorted to lipgloss which is much less messy with a two year old. The first two days whenever she wore underwear she got to carry the lipgloss around and wear it. That brought a few stares at Walmart as she had real lipstick all over her lips and mouth. We were going to buy the lip gloss at that time. The next few days she just got to put it on whenever she went. Now, the prizes have kind of died down as she just goes for the sheer enjoyment of getting me to "Come see my pee, mom!!!" I've never been more proud!!! She does enjoy putting stickers on the potty chart. We just hope she can keep this up....and learn the second part of toilet training.....the poop. That should be interesting. We are trying a playdough reward for that one. Anyway, that is it for now. Ryan and Makayla keep growing as well. They are just older where the things they learn aren't quite as BIG so to speak as these younger ones. I will say for Makayla that she is turning into quite the reader. I am so glad she and Ryan have developed that same love for books that I have.
Oh, by the way, if you want to see updated pictures of my ever changing kids you can look at my photography blog (which isn't that great but the newest set of pictures of the girls are cute) it is