Wednesday, March 26


So, when I was a girl I always wanted bright blue eyes with my dark hair. I thought I would be so much prettier. Instead I was blessed with dark brown eyes. However, once I hit puberty my eyes changed to a strange hazel, brown, green color (depends on what I am wearing).
When I met Brad and gazed into his bright blue eyes (which won best eyes in high school), I knew if I married him my chances for having a blue eyed brown haired child was pretty good. Well, I now have 4 different hair/eye combinations. It took me four kids to get that "perfect" combination. The thing is, I now can't tell you what is perfect. I think all of my children are beautiful in their much different looks. Here are some pictures I took highlighting their different eye colors. I did not enhance the colors at all. I just made the rest black and white and their real eye colors stand out.

Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

Light Brown hair(used to be blond), brown eyes

Blond Hair, Blue Eyes
Brown hair, blue eyes


Maddy said...

your children are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Leslie said...

love all those beautiful eyes...they are some cute kids!

Koreena said...

They do all have such beautiful eyes!

Amy said...

TAG!!! I have tagged you to describe yourself using the letters in your middle name. See my blog for an example!