Thursday, November 1

Halloween Fun!!!

Carving pumpkins with the Owens.

Becca and Elysabeth were the cutest cheerleaders in red!!! They got many comments at the kids Halloween parade at the school. Many of the kids said "Hey, there is a Utah cheerleader. How cute!!!" I promise....they did.

Well, for Halloween we were a mixed family. Makayla, Ashlyn, and Rebecca were all cheerleaders. HOWEVER, they did not all cheer for the same team. We had Ashlyn as a 49ers cheerleader. Becca was a Utah cheerleader (go utes!!!) and I was the advid fan. Makayla was a BYU cheerleader with Ryan as a BYU football player and dad (at Ryan's request) was a BYU coach. Watch out on November 24th. Who will be the happiest set of halloweeners? Time will tell.


Leslie said...

Love the Cheerleaders!

Shandra said...

You guys always get so into Halloween! I love it! Great creativity! Go Cougars!

Joyce said...

I can't believe the pictures of the flood. The kids are so darling!

Joyce said...

Sara was teaching me how to comment so it was dumb. I love your blog and all the darling pictures.The costumes made me laugh. what a competion for schools ugh. I'm trying to find a time to come up so I can see the new babies. Anyway I love you all so much and thanks for loving me.