Saturday, September 15


There's No Place Like Home

This is the front of our house. The first order of business was to paint the door black. The neighbors greatly appreciate what we have done.

This is our living room with our new couches. It was a total steal of a deal at a yard sale of all places.

This is my music room. My favorite room in the house. It was so nice to have all of my music and supplies in one place. This is the first year I have taught piano at my own home. I have 13 great students currently.

Our kitchen. The girl that owned the home before us loved paint colors. She didn't always choose what I would have, but we will have to gradually change the colors. She painted the cupboards black and the walls lime green. It is fun for now, but will eventually go.

Rebecca's Nursery. This is my favorite decorated room of the house, and we have even bigger plans to come. Nana gave her the cutest crib set and we have decorated around it. Eventually we will replace the dark aqua green carpet and paint the walls. Until then, we will just enjoy the decorations.Another view of the nursery.

The kids bedroom. We currently have the three oldest kids in one room downstairs. That allows us to have a toy room and an office. The kids love it and we love having the extra space. Ryan and Makayla were especially excited to get a bunkbed. Ashlyn thinks she is the biggest girl ever in her toddler bed.
Moving in day. Becca helping the best way she sleeping. Brad and I were able to get everything unpacked in 2 days....just before we left to California for a week. I was super exhausted but relieved to have it done.

This is one view of our office. It is kind of a weird place. I actually have my own craft corner by the card table. It has shelves and places for me to work and keep all of my stuff. It is AWESOME!!! Maybe I will attempt to be domestic.

Ashlyn trying to pick our one pear from our pear tree. We have a very big, nice fully fenced back yard. That was one of the selling points for me.


Leslie said...

You have gotten a lot done in such a short amount of time! Way to go. Becca is beautiful!

the Koch's said...

What a beautiful house! I am so happy for you guys after all you have been through.

Stephanie said...

Brad sent your blog info to Damien so I took a look at it today. I like your house, much better than living at Thorneberry or with relatives, right? Your family is adorable. We now have a 20 month old daughter and are expecting our second daughter in May. After looking at your blog I saw you know the Kochs. I am friends with Rachel (now Bjorkman) and keep in touch with her through our blogs as well. Are they the ones that got you started? Their whole family is into blogging which is cute. Anyway, I cannot believe you unpacked in two days. That is amazing!